Online demo

In last couple of days I was working on first meaningful Tickator application - simple calculator. Not yet done but it already works nicely - can sum two numbers :-) So I started to think that maybe I should try to allow people to run Tickator IDE without necessity to clone from GitHub and build using npm.


  • Please keep in mind that Tickator IDE and created components is just prototype, not even alpha.
  • For now is IDE read only - you can traverse components, run them, but not change them.
  • For now I only test in up-to-date Chrome.

Having said that, you can Run IDE! in your browser.

When opened, Calculator is shown:

  • You can run it via play button on top.
  • In properties view you can see sequence of commands that are calculated automatically - when component i of type LineInput is selected in schema.
  • You can see results in Console. There are not just results but it shows what simple real calculator shows during entering operands and operators.
  • After execution is done, you can try to type own examples in input above Console. Try to enter 1, press enter, +, press enter, 1, press enter, =, press enter.