Looks like IDE

So I pushed Tickator IDE again a bit forward. It now looks much more like an IDE. There is support for simple control of program run, logging infrastructure and basic traversing of project structure.

But there are news in Tickator itself too. From now on it is possible to define component, including properties and inputs/outputs. Such component can be used in another component.

In example below, there is WrappedSum which is implemented using ticklet Sum (green boxes with cog wheel are ticklets). WrappedSum is then used component EmbeddedWrappedSum (blue boxes with piece of puzzle are component instances), fed by two constants (with values 1 and 41) and output is sent to printer that prints result into log console.

There is also example with feedback loop - Iteration. Simple Sum ticklet is fed by Const with value 1 and own output. That causes printing infinite row of numbers incremented by one.

PS: I promise - next sample I will show here will be meaningful ;-)