Reaction to change

Our universe is based on energy. Every change into it requires energy. You can see fight for energy on so many levels:

  • Plants takes energy from sunlight. Plants are eaten by herbivores, herbivores by carnivores.
  • Plant produces fruit because it needs to spread seed. To allow that it adds a lot of sugar (accumulated energy) to it so animals are willing to do the spreading job as side effect of taking energy.
  • Your employer wants you to do changes in company assets that suits her intentions. By this he gets more valuable asset (that can be potentially converted into money) and you get your salary in form of money. And money are nothing else than compressed energy - you can convert them to food, in the end.
  • Interaction between electromagnetic field and particle in particle accelerator causes particle to speed up.

Keeping aside philosophical/religion questions, life and also physical principles are constant fight for energy. Because free energy is rare resource all nature’s processes has to be effective as much as possible. There is powerful concept hardwired into out universe: reaction to change.

You can find it in many places:

  • Receptors in eye are detecting changes in electromagnetic field. It does not detect absolute value but change.
  • Neurons and even whole parts of brain are idle and consumes less energy if there is nothing to process. FMRI detects this changes and uses them for visualizations.
  • Way how new law is spread from legislature (congress, senate) down to the latest lawyer, major and citizen. It is done by official channels, press, chat with friend, social networks, … There is no need to ask for news. You will be probably notified by one of channels.
  • Decentralized computer networks like Internet with millions connected devices.

It seems that nature of our universe and even some human inventions is not asking environment again and again “Now? And now?” until change is detected. But rather it works in the way that patiently waits for change. Then act and potentially spread change.

Please note one interesting thing: Waiting for change and acting is spread to massive amount of responsible objects. 90 billion neurons in human brain, 10 million citizens in Czech republic. There almost newer single point of failure. One broken router does not break Internet, one failing neuron brain and one citizen Czech law system. Even failure of relatively high number of objects is tolerated.

Now, compare that with our current computers:

  • Failure of single transistor in CPU or RAM probably cause failure
  • Exception thrown by single instruction of many millions in software will likely cause crash

Maybe we should mimic how nature works. Tickator is trying to do that.